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To understand whether you can successfully sell your product in the markets of America and Europe, you need a preliminary analysis of the Amazon market, a comparison of the product with competitors, and an estimate of the amount of initial investment.

Statistics show that the largest concentration of solvent population is in the US and EU countries. In these markets, you can successfully sell products that do not have demand in the CIS, Asia, and Africa.

However, it will be incorrect to believe that everything can be sold and in any amount. Each product has its own high point, when the demand for it bounces up to the maximum mark. Then you need to sell to get the maximum profit. But how to understand which products are popular in Western countries at the moment, how long will the demand last and whether new products will be of interest to potential buyers?

To get an accurate answer to these questions, you can do it in one way – to conduct a marketing research. However, a qualitative research of such large markets from leading marketing companies is worth a lot of money.

We offer a more affordable alternative – to conduct analysis of the market of the largest US and EU marketplace. Since you will be selling on Amazon, it makes no sense to cover all sales options and population groups. It will be enough to determine the target audience, gather information on how to sell similar products to your competitors, and based on the data obtained, to form a business plan.

Together with this, we will help you to bring your product to this market with the maximum comfort for you.