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The fact is that we can help to full you project with constant or better to say with visual content. There are too many problems with author’s rights or with self-produced visual stuff for your site. That is why we are here and propose you variants to solve this problem.

How to legally use visual content when working in social networks?

  1. Use photostocks. Here you can buy or take pictures for free on different topics. Many people prefer Photl or Photobucket. Plus, this approach is that you almost do not spend money on the purchase of photographic content. Minus – you are not the only one using photos, so the photos are not unique, and they can easily be found in other communities.
  1. To contact directly to photographers. You can write a personal message to the user or send an email, the main thing is that you have a written permission from the author. Be sure to discuss in advance the moments with changes in photos, for example, if you want to use a brand-template with the company logo in the community. Also clarify the question about watermark-ah in the photo. Usually the photographer asks to sign it under the photo and give a link to the personal site.
  1. Buy a photo. If the photographer agrees to provide photos only for money. When buying lawyers advise you to take care of the correct execution of documents, so that you can prove at any time that the use is legal. Issue a license agreement or an agreement on the alienation of exclusive rights.
  1. Use customer photos. This approach is practiced by large companies, which usually have an accumulated base of photographs. Here it is worth talking about the protection of the photo from copying, so that you have not copied the materials without permission.