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Website, content, SMM.

1.5 months of work – work continues …

– The number of orders has increased in 1.5 times;

– Average time spent on the site has increased by 34%;

– Site loading speed has increased in 2.4 times;

– Of course, using SSL certificate and mobile layout increased the trust from Google, and also increased traffic from mobile devices by 25%;

– The content was created in several languages, which increased traffic from other countries;

If we are given a task, we will fulfill it at the highest level. In this case, you can see that new technologies are not a problem for us.

FlexReality is the representative of new technologies, namely additional and virtual reality. This range of IT technologies they propose to introduce into advertising companies, design, education, games and much more. For the average consumer, the site was divided as much as possible in categories:

– the groups of providing services are as short and informative as possible

– the scope of application of these technologies

– a portfolio that visually demonstrates that you are going to order

– unique and promotional offers of the company

– the technical part of the site (contacts, contacts in social networks, map, menu)

We can tell you more about the development of VR, AR and 360, but we do not see the point, as you can see this on the site following the link left below.

The main thing that we have preserved and what we emphasize is the uniqueness of each project with consistently high quality.