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Redesign of website, content, SMM, SEO, PPC, setting up business on Amazon.

3 months of work – work continues on SEO …

– The number of orders has increased in 2 times;

– Average time spent on the site has increased by 39%;

– Site loading speed has increased in 2.2 times;

– Of course using of SSL certificate and mobile layout increased the trust from Google, and also increased traffic from mobile devices by 30%;

– Creation of social networks from scratch, which increased traffic and the number of orders by 23%;

Reduction of the cost of a click in contextual advertising by 50%;

– Output of mid-frequency requests in the top 10 for 3 months;

– Output of low-frequency requests in the top 10 for 2 months.

The client needed a unique project that could show a wide audience what exactly his company can offer to the consumer. The client is engaged in construction whether it is repairing in a small bathroom or the interior decoration of a whole cottage.

Guided by this requirement, we were able to accommodate all the necessary information within a single web page, along with it, without loosing the ease of information delivery, its availability, structuring and, of course, respecting the uniqueness of the presentable wrapping.

Here’s what was implemented for this client:

– Complete creation of content (information about the company, service, conditions);

– Creation of the corporate style of the company and the prototype site;

– Creating a convenient structure of the site, you can read more and conveniently travel to the site;

– Feedback buttons

– Social networks and not only

– And also SEO optimization from A to Z.

If you think that everything is so corny, then you are right. The client does not like the incomprehensible structure that causes him to leave the comfort zone and force himself to understand what he has just seen. He should feel comfortable, the master of the situation.

Looking at the facts mentioned earlier, you can ask yourself the question: “Why our company?”, as there are other companies that are no different. And the answer is simple – see HOW we design the site and HOW we present it. You will be met by a dynamic, colorful (but respecting official style), an interesting site that, against the backdrop of static competitors’ sites, more like notes in newspaper articles, will clearly give you the advantage and trust of customers.

In short, you can see for yourself that in front of you a laconic, original, dynamic, and most importantly informative website and the main proof of the quality of our work is the final result, which you can sea by yourself with a help of a link that is below.