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Very often, even when you make everything right to attract the right people (target audience) to your site (contextual advertising, SEO, etc.) you, as a business owner, will not feel the adequate result. It seems that the traffic is coming, and the audience is targeted, and there are practically no sales or subscriptions (depending on what conversion action you chose as the main task in the sales goals).

Nothing works. What can be wrong? Most likely, you forgot to think and prepare landing (landing, target) pages, which are often called landings. What is it? And this is a very important point, which can significantly increase the conversion (the number of purchases or registrations) because the landing page is designed to effectively bring the user to the fulfillment of the targeted action.

If you send visitors from all advertisements, for example, to the main page of the site, you can catastrophically reduce the conversion and lose everything. It’s like a hook on a fishing tackle – it must be safely picked up and confidently held onto the fish caught on it until you put it in your bag. If the hook (landing) is unsuitable or there won’t be any, then all your efforts from bait, setting bait, and other shamanic actions will go to rub. You will not achieve the ultimate goal.

In themselves, landings are either a separate page of an already existing site or one-page websites specially created for this business. In fact, this is a funnel, hitting into which the user is already quite difficult to get out and he must inevitably slip into it until he becomes your client. But this is ideal, but we will bring you this opportunity.