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Redesign of website, content, SMM, SEO, PPC, setting up business on Amazon.

6 months work

– The number of orders has increased by 2.3 times;

– Average time spent on the site has increased by 42%;

– A speed of loading of a site has increased in 2.7 times;

– Of course, using SSL certificate and mobile layout increased the trust from Google, and also increased traffic from mobile devices by 28%;

– The content was created in several languages, which increased traffic from other countries;

– Creation of social networks from scratch, which increased traffic and the number of orders by 22%;

Reduction of the cost of a click in contextual advertising by 70%;

– An output of mid-frequency requests in the top 10 for 3 months;

– An output of low-frequency requests in the top 10 for 2 months.

Let’s say, you are a beginner entrepreneur and all you need is something that makes people talk about or know about your existence. We understand that MALEVICH is not a company about designing buildings and nanotechnologies, but about a possibility to order a print on boxes, textiles and bags profitably and conveniently.

We understand the given requests, therefore there is nothing superfluous on the site that could distract the visitor from the main idea of this site. The main thing is that this site is stylishly designed and answers all the questions, starting from the first page:

– Price

– Extensive production

– Willingness to compromise

– Terms for which work will be done