Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the non-standard ways to promote business, which involves attracting the target audience from social networks, forums, web blogs to your site.

SMM promotion is considered one of the perspective methods of promotion.

Social networks – the seat of the target audience for business of any kind. SMM promotion in social networks allows you to directly interact with potential customers:

To acquaint with the brand, to form a recognizability, loyal attitude.

Receive feedback on their products / services.

Work with feedback, objections, to convey information of interest.

Engage in interaction through discussions, competitions, etc.

“Squeeze” potential customers before the targeted action.

Warm up the client base for further interaction.

Starting to work with social networks is necessary with the definition of the target audience. Each SMM agency starts with a questionnaire with which the customer describes his ideal client: approximate age, occupation, interests, status, place of residence, etc.

The list of works for promotion in social networks includes:

Target audience analysis

Evaluation of the company’s activity in social media

Analysis of competitors and their activities in social networks

Creation of community design taking into account the brand style

Preparation of post templates, content creation. We will communicate with your target audience according to all the rules of community management

Use of various ways of promotion: media planning, targeted advertising, organic placements, work with bloggers and other types of promotion

As a result, you will receive wide coverage of the mention of the company, the involvement of customers, site visits, leads, sales and conversions.